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Everyone here has killed someone.

There is no way off this island.

You will all either kill or be killed here.

One of these statements is a lie. But which one?

Amira’s less than thrilled to be spending the weekend with her husband’s university friends. Two of them are hosting a joint fortieth on a private Scottish island, with vintage champagne, expensive gifts, and soaks in the wood-fired hot tub. Despite the luxury, Amira knows she’s going to feel left out, not to mention freezing cold and cut off.

When they decide to play ‘two truths and a lie’, anonymously posting three statements about themselves into a box, years of resentment start bubbling to the surface. And then an extra slip of paper emerges, scrawled with three chilling threats. Who wrote it? And are two of the statements really true—have they all been responsible for someone’s death?

With no phone reception and no way off the island, the group are trapped here until the end of the weekend. And as tension rises and secrets are spilled, they can’t shake the feeling that they’re not the only ones here. Is someone watching them? Someone who wants them dead? Or is it one of them who has murder in mind?

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Picture: Philippa Gedge

Hi, I'm Claire!

I write crime and literary fiction as Claire McGowan and have also written women's fiction as Eva Woods.


I was born in Northern Ireland and now live in London. I've wanted to be a writer ever since I worked out how to read Dick and Jane ('Look, Dick! Look, Jane!') and I thought, 'I could do that.' How hard could it be? 

Needless to say it was some years before I published my first novel The Fall in 2012. But I've followed it up with several bestsellers, radio plays and screenplays. In fact I recently passed one million sales of my books. I also ran the UK’s first MA in crime writing for five years, and I regularly teach and talk about writing. Drop me a line if you'd like to work together some time.


I've published twenty-plus books as Claire McGowan, including the Washington Post bestselling crime thriller What You Did, as well as popular contemporary fiction as Eva Woods. Browse my books here!


I've written award-winning TV scripts, radio plays, a short film, and a novelty humour book, as well as numerous short stories and articles. Several of my books are also in development for TV. 

Taking Notes

Got a story of your own? I love teaching the craft and I regularly run workshops, talk at festivals, and teach masterclasses. Find out how to join a session — or work with me to create one!

Reading Material

"A brilliant, breathless thriller that kept me guessing to the last shocking page."


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